So Clay Aiken’s Speech Was Pretty Damn Good!


If you had told me about ten minutes ago that I was going to write a blurb on Clay Aiken, I don’t think i would’ve believed you. The American Idol Almuni just doesn’t make a blip on my radar, from having a kid with a chick, to finally (oh dear lord finally) coming out of that excrutiatingly deep closet, he’s just not the kind of person I follow in the media. Until now.

Clay not only attended, but made a speech at the Human Right’s Campaign Dinner a few nights ago, and it was really frickin’ good. A new future in activism for Clay? I wouldn’t be opposed after hearing him. Clay said that his speech was his own, and not one of the HRC speech writer’s, which means that he’s charming and eloquent. Wait. What? Really though!

Clay covered and put into perspective all the things that any activist or passionate writer or speaker has been doing since the movement started rolling more rapidly, and that’s stressing the sheer stupidity of not having equal rights as an LGBT community that straight people do. Sounds ordinary? Well it’s not. It’s an inspiring discussion on why it took him so long to come out, what he and everyone else hopes for the future, and the crowd soaks it up with countless applause throughout the course of his speech showing that he can really pull off what it looks like he might continue to be doing. So I give my approval to Mr. Aiken now and hope that he continues to use his powers for good and not evil (yes I’m referring to another album).

Watch the video below.

  • nikki

    I also think this is very, very good and I like his singing too so another album would be fine by me. Does he have a record label? Last I heard he was no longer on RCA. Big applause for Clay Aiken!!! We all do what we need to do in our own time and we all should respect that.

  • WJones

    Great speech. He’s a natural.

  • AJ

    I’ve read at several other blogs about this story that he does have a label, a new CD coming out in June, and even a concert special for PBS coming up. Sounds like his career is doing just fine. As for the speech, I think he’ll be great for our cause, because not only does he have name recognition, but he can reach those middle of the road people – the ones who don’t ever think about glbt rights. We need to work on the people who will listen, and quit wasting our energy fighting with the crazies. So kudos to Clay Aiken. It might have taken him some time to get here, but I think he’s going to make up for it in a big way.

  • Jean

    Yes, Clay has a new label-Decca Records; who seems to be doing some great promos for him. A new CD is due out around June. I will be attending the taping, March 12, of his PBS Special due out also in June. I think only good will be coming up for Clay in the future. And..I hope he keeps the look he had for his speech!

  • Marty

    Thank you for the information.

    Clay Aiken has always spoken out on the things that are important to him. He will be an intelligent supporter.

    You did say something that made me laugh. “having a baby with a chick”……uh….how else do you have a baby?? Since it was an invetro procedure, why would this bother you?? Don’t you believe that all people have the right to have a child??

  • corinne

    Just so you know, the guy has been an activist for persons with disabilities long before he graduated high school. He established a foundation after Idol to include these persons in everyday activities, and actively speaks for the rights of the world’s children as a UNCEF ambassador. Clay Aiken never wanted to be a useless celebrity, but believes in using his voice to make the world a better place. He has even testified before Congress.

    The guy is a natural because he is intelligent, articulate and caring. Glad you finally noticed! He has a beautiful voice and I cannot wait to hear his new music. Hope you will listen again with the same open mind you apparently gave his spech. DECCA would be grateful.

  • Nic

    Oh Marty, all the power to him. The chick comment was no slight on him having a kid. I just meant it as, it happened, and still didn’t make a blip on my radar. But good for him.
    And AJ, I never thought about the demographic his music reaches being a sort of age bracket that might not be so open to LGBT rights. Good effing point.

  • Jebus, he even sounds like me! I’ve had someone come up to me and ask for his autograph once… no joke!

    Great speech. Thanks for posting it Nic. I’ve never followed American Idle (or most other television for that matter), but I’m glad something good is coming out of it.