Meet The Class Of 2015: The Times… They Are A Changin’

One way to see how the times are changing is to look at the high school graduates. In the following video, “Mr Youth Agency” presents a video depiction of what the graduates of 2015 are like. If you own a business like me or are even just remotely curious as to what kids are into these days, you’ll enjoy this video.

Some of the stats shared are quite interesting. Students attending college find education to be the most interesting part of attending college, but 59% of them admit to updating their social networking statuses in class. I don’t want to date myself, but Facebook didn’t even exist when I was in my last year of University/College. We did use MSN thought to communicate and work on projects together. Now who still uses MSN?

One of the most interesting statistics shared is how more and more of this new generation are not watching TV. Well, actually they’re just not watching it via cable. Many of them are actually watching it on their computers or mobile devices – 87% of them are dropping cable. Learn some more interesting stats below.