We haven’t highlighted a baseball player for quite some time, so this week’s Sports Stud is MLB hottie, CJ Wilson. Before you ask, he’s a pitcher (so that answers that question – wink). His pitching repertoire includes a fastball, cutter, slider, and changeup, thrown from both overhand and low 3/4 arm angles. Tricky, tricky, tricky.

CJ Wilson has played for the Texas Rangers from 2005 to 2011 and is currently the man in demand, now acting as a free agent. As such, many other teams want a piece of him and are interested in signing him, including the Boston Red Sox, Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees. This is allowing him to get more money from the Texas Rangers if they want to keep him.

An interesting fact about Wilson is that he is a devoted Taoist and adheres to a “Straight Edge” way of life (abstaining from alcohol, illegal drugs, and promiscuous sex in order to maintain health). He even has the words “Straight Edge” tattooed along the length of his torso, Japanese characters on his shoulder that read “Poison Free” and “XXX” stitched on his blue glove as a straight edge symbol.

He’s got the sexy 3-day-beard thing going on that many find quite sexy.

Wilson looks sexy with or without a hat.

This sexy pic tells us a lot about Wilson’s grooming techniques.

Here you can see the aforementioned “Straight Edge” tattoo along his torso.

Wilson just after pitching. He sure knows how to handles those balls.

Wilson in front of a green screen with a camera. Not sure what he’s up to but he looks a little mischievous.

Carlton Cuse and C.J. Wilson Get Ready for Opening Day