Amanda Seyfried is… CINDERELLA!

Wow, all of the classics are being remade and I think it’s awesome! The latest is Cinderella, and Amanda Seyfried of Mean Girls and Mama Mia is set to play the iconic role! Amazing – I love her and she’s certainly living up to her being pegged as one of the Hollywood “It” Girls.

“We only wear fancy glass slippers once a week…so I guess you chose today.”

Sources have reported that she has signed on to play the role in the 3D live-action version being remade by Disney, for a pretty (seven figure) penny. It’s being scripted by the incredibly talented Aline Brosh McKenna who brought us The Devil Wears Prada and 27 Dresses. Maybe she’ll get Meryl Streep to play the evil stepmother!!!? Ooh, Anjelica Houston would be good too! No word on who the ugly step sisters will be.

There have been several spinoffs of the original in the past several years. In 1998, Brandy played Cinderella, which also starred Bernadette Peters and and Whoopi Goldberg in the two-hour TV movie in 1998. More recently, Drew Barrymore’s “Ever After” took some elements from the fairy tale, as did and Hilary Duff in “A Cinderella Story.”

I think this could be really good.

Who do you think should play the evil stepmother & ugly stepsisters?

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    If you told me that Amanda Seyfried was to be Cinderella a few years ago, I would’ve been all “WHAT?! NO! CHILDHOOD RUINED!” But now, convinced she is a more serious actress than most, I’m glad.

    Also, they need to put Kristen Chenoweth into that film somewhere. Perhaps the fairy godmother? Singing? All the time?