Rising Artist Spotlight: CHVRCHES

Ladies and gentleman, Scottish electropop.

In the past couple years, Swedish pop has started a fantastic trend of smart pop, and not the cheesy snack we all love. No, you know what, I’m going to stick with that analogy, because most of it is a little cheesy! But with bands like Niki & The Dove or Little Dragon making music that seem to be an intelligent spin on a typically unintelligent genre, you can see the influence now on different countries coming into the limelight with their own twist on this little revolution.

CHVRCHES are brand spankin’ and although have had two previous singles, have just recently released their first EP comprised of three great songs and two remixes. Although their first video leaves a little something to be desired, Songza has been playing “Recover” all week for me and it catches my attention every time with it’s cute Swedishesque pop sound.

The band is currently working on their full length album, set for release late summer early fall of this year, and after opening for Passion Pit on tour in 2012, they are now set to support Depeche Mode on some of their upcoming tour dates. Not too shabby for a relatively new band. They’re obviously doing something right.

You can get the “Recover” EP from iTunes, and listen to the single below, which I’m going to have on repeat for a little bitty.

CHVRCHES “Recover”

  • Franz

    CHVRCHES are Scottish – not Swedish ! Thanks !

  • Rob

    I like them too, Now is not the time is a nice song of them too

  • Nic

    I said they were Scottish in the very first line Franz. I was just comparing them to a sound that has been made popular by Sweden.