I think hell might’ve frozen over. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually like a song by Miss Solange Knowles. I never thought I’d like anything Beyonce’s sibling aka “The Other Sister” sang. Based on previously released tracks from her, it was a pretty safe bet. Her DJ’ing skills on the other hand are amazing. I heard her spin during an industry party in Los Angeles in the Spring and she was phenomenal.

Teaming up with the Canadian boys of Chromeo was a wise move on her part. Her vocals sound amazing on the duo’s second single, “When The Night Falls“, from their “Business Casual” album. The original album version already sound amazing enough, but with the new remix by Breakbot, it’s beyond EPIC. It has a retro funky feel that sounds great with today’s hot electro sound. It’s very reminiscent of a track Justice would do mixed with a bit of classic Earth, Wind and Fire.

With Kelly Rowland finally stepping out of Bey’s shadow due to her string of wise decisions, hopefully Solange will follow suit. If she continues picking solid projects like “When The Night Falls“, I have no doubt she will. Check out the newly remixed track below.

Chromeo feat. Solange Knowles “When The Night Falls”

Chromeo is currently on tour right now. Check out their website to see if they’re hitting a town near you.