Christopher Meloni Leaves Law & Order SVU

Noooooooooooooo!!! Say it isn’t so. According to Christopher Meloni aka Detective Elliot Stabler won’t be returning to solve sex crimes for “Law & Order SVU’s” 13th season. When NBC unveiled its new fall schedule last week, things looked optimistic that Meloni would return to SVU. Mariska Hargitay just inked a deal that would keep her on the show but in a smaller capacity- fewer episodes for the same money. Meloni on the other hand, was asking for a raise. Reports say negotiations were still underway as of late Tuesday (May 24), but things never materialized.

When it was reported Hargitay would be returning on a limited basis, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s name floated around as a potential successor to the badge. With Meloni, who’s a big draw for the show, leaving, series creator Dick Wolf has to find a new male lead. Since Meloni is quite popular, only “big names” are being considered as a replacement. I don’t care how big of a name they find, no one will ever take Meloni’s place. Both Mariska and him have been the two main protagonists of the show since its 1999 debut. And that’s the main reason why, SVU is the only Law & Order show still standing. Their chemistry is undeniable.

What do you think of the cast shakeups with SVU for next season? With no permanent ADA or Meloni and a limited Hargitay, the show is going to the sh*tters. The venerable crime drama’s 13th season might prove unlucky and lead to its cancellation. Will you watch SVU when it returns? Who would you cast as Meloni’s replacement if you had your say? Let’s hope his successor looks as good shirtless as Meloni does. Fingers crossed. I wonder if the idea of Love Hewitt’s addition was enough for Meloni to leave. LOL. I highly doubt it, but how funny would it be if that was the main reason.

  • HarryR

    Absolutly never liked Meloni’s character. As a real NY cop he would have been fired in the first season. Not sure at all how SVU will change as the show really sould have been titled Law & Order: Elliott Stabler.

  • Steve-O

    I’m sad to see Meloni go…..he was some nice eye candy for tv and is a really good actor. But i did find his character a bit too pig headed for my liking.

    I hope the Jennifer Love Hewitt rumours are false, not a fan.

    I’m not writing off SVU just yet, we’ll know pretty early on in season 13 if the new partners have the chemistry….

    To replace the female lead I’d say bring back Marcia Gay Harden’s Dana Lewis character, have her leave the FBI and become a NYPD cop. Other options i’d like would be Kelly Hu or even Tricia Helfer from Battlestar Galactica….they’re both tough ladies who could fill into Mariska’s shoes.

    As for the male lead….i’d like to see someone younger a newly promoted detective fill the role and give a different perspective on the lead as he comes to grips with having to deal with sex crimes, in contrast to Stabler’s seasoned experience. Someone like Chris Pine, 24’s Carlos Bernard or even Battlestar’s Jamie Bamber. They’re wasting the latter’s talent on the UK version of Law & Order.

  • Anon

    I like that last season but Melloni Stabler horrible thought. I will give an opportunity for the actor who will replace him. When Mariska (beautiful) let out to watch SVU. She is the main reason the show exists for me.

  • kat

    Rip Law and Order!

  • Cynthia Rice

    I hate that Chris is not returning to L&O SVU. I love his Dt, Stabler. Loved him in OZZ. I just hope that he is casted very soon to maybe another cop show. I do Love Kelly Giddish . I wish her show would have stayed on. That I think was a bad idea to can it.
    I do not understand why he had to go.