Sports Stud: Christopher Mears

This week’s Sports Stud is one to watch at the upcoming 2012 Summer Olympics. He’s a handsome 19-year old diver from the UK and he’s really lucky to be alive. Three years ago, Mears was given only a five per cent chance of survival by doctors when he suffered complications from a ruptured spleen. It had ruptured when a practice dive went wrong as he was preparing to take part in the Youth Olympic Festival in Sydney.

A few weeks ago, I posted about a video done by the Great Britain Diving Team where they lip synced and danced to LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It”. Mears was one of those guys. Outside of diving, Mears enjoys long jump and tennis. To relax, he enjoys eating a banana and listening to music.

Check out more pictures of Mears below and be sure to watch for him at the Olympics this summer. He’s kinda hard to miss 😉

Hello! Such a great photo. Certainly makes me want to… tuck.

This is just a great example of what great shape these divers are in. Using your body to twist and turn at such high speeds takes a lot.

Woof to those legs and abs!

The one on the right almost looks like he’s just lounging for a quick second, mid-dive. LOL.

Close-up! Such a handsome guy, right?

British Gas, huh. Oh come on, you know you were looking at his speedos as well 🙂

  • Marck

    His Speedo looks very filled!

  • mickey

    chris mears… ur the best looking olympian ever