I managed to do a little shopping amidst the chaos that was downtown Vancouver. I was shopping for my 4 year old niece at H&M’s kids section and found some zip up boots that were very girly with flowers printed on them (she had specifically asked for these) and a pair of shiny pink jeans with matching gold belt. She is a very girly girl so I’m sure she’s gonna love it. I love shopping for my niece because I believe Christmas is more about the children. Here’s Dani, posing with the gifts.

Dani with gifts

I found a couple of great Christmas videos on YouTube and I can’t stop watching them. I’ve been watching them over and over for the past 2 days. The first video is from Nickelodeon which is a Punjabi version of Jingle Bells (PS I love Bollywood) and the second one is a reworked version of the 12 Days of Christmas (Indian style). I love the butter chicken part and the insufficient dowry.

Punjabi Christmas

12 Days of Christmas

I wanted to take this time to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and however you celebrate this Season, let’s cherish the time we get to spend with family and friends.