Given that Christmas is just around the corner, I thought I would try my luck publishing my (dream) Christmas wish list on the www in hopes that Santa Clause would take notice. Below are 5 “toys,” gadgets and interior decor that I’d like to see in my apartment (on Christmas morning…)


5) Closet Organizer – I absolutely lucked out in the closet department when I found my apartment.  The closet in my studio is big enough that if I wanted more of a “one bedroom” feel I could fit my queen size bed inside it – but who wants to sacrifice a closet?  Right now I have an Ikea dresser for (some) of my folded stuff (underwear, socks, sweaters, shorts) and for my hanging stuff I have a bar that stretches the length of the closet, plus I have two shelves above the bar for shoes and any extra folded stuff.  Works out OK, but my wish is for something like the picture below.  The style of the closet isn’t exactly to my taste, but the overall functionality makes my OCD happy.  This closet organizer system is from California Closets – one of the best.


4) Lounger Chair – I don’t think that’s the technical term for it, but basically I want a chair that I can come home and throw myself into.  I tend to sit in one spot on my couch (the middle cushion) so I figure if I’m going to just utilize one cushion, why not get something that’s made for that.  As far as furniture goes, I lean more towards a contemporary/comfort look.  I love me some Crate and Barrel with a little bit of Pottery Barn mixed in.  The Petrie Chair from Crate and Barrel’s collection is a contemporary twist on a classic 1960’s chair.  As Oprah would say “Love this!”


3) Sound Bar – As I mentioned above, I live in a studio, so a minimalist mentality is key to keeping one’s sanity.  However, I still like to dance around the house and nothing kills a good song more than bad sound.  So a good way to get that club quality sound without multiple speakers is a Home Theater Sound Bar.  Basically sound bars provide the same effect of a surround sound system, but without all the speakers and wires.  My friend Josh turned me onto this Vizio sound bar with wireless sub woofer.  Yes, WIRELESS!  I love the idea of having a sleek and modern piece of equipment and that fact that I don’t have to add any wires to the apartment makes me smize.


2) Eco-Friendly Area Rugs – I love the hardwoord floors in my apartment and given the fact that they’re 79 years old, they’ve held up pretty well, but I still like the feel of carpet under my toes.  I’ve been looking for some sort of area rug to go in my “living room” since I moved here a year ago, but haven’t found anything that really captured my attention until I came across these natural Natural Fiber moveable Carpet Tiles from a company called Flor.  This company offers a larges selection of both synthetic and natural fiber carpet options.  The best part about these tiles is that you can mix and match different colors and designs to really give your apartment that custom look.  I love the Shaggy Sheep tiles pictured below and at $25.99/tile won’t break the bank (cough, once I job, cough).


1) Sony Ultra thin LCD TV – I.  Want.  This.  As technology continues to improve it seems as though the size of it seems to shrink.  Sony has unveiled their newest LCD TV to the Bravia family, the KDL-40ZX1, which at 9.9mm (.39″ – wow) is still less in thickness than a DVD case.  This TV is the ultimate in space saving amazingness.  But at $4,000 US, I think I’ll hold off on running to the store and telling the clerk to “CHARGE IT!”  Still, it’s amazing to see how far we’ve come from the old boob-tube to the less-than-half-inch-thick LCD screen.

Alright, (black) Santa, get the twinks elves in high gear bears reindeer ready… I’m waiting and I’ve been good this year… for the most part.