The 90s are so “in” right now, Christina Aguilera is jumping on the retro bandwagon by looking like her former self. The 32-year-old singer debuted her slimmer figure at the 2013 Television Critics Association’s Summer Press Tour for The Voice. While it’s not “Genie In The Bottle” skinny (after all, she was only a teenager back then), there’s no denying her new body is pretty slammin’.

Just a few months ago, she debuted an estimated 20-pound weight loss on The Voice season four finale. It would appear she’s lost even more weight since then. The “Beautiful” singer attributes doing exercises she enjoys like strength work instead of intense cardio as the key to her successful body makeover. Check out the results below.

Whether it’s Xtina or XXXXL-tina, I’ve always been a fan. As long as she’s healthy and happy, I’m all for whatever she looks like. With that being said, I’m loving her new body. She looks sensational. Don’t you agree? Sound off below.