Christina Aguilera Is Beyond Phenomenal On New Track

WOW. Simply amazing or should I say asombrosa since Christina Aguilera is belting her little heart out in Spanish on her new track. “Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti” which roughly translates to “Today I Feel Like Having You” is a duet with Mexican singer Alejandro Fernandez. The track is a remake of a famous Spanish classic originally sung by Miguel Gallardo back in 1975. Xtina and Fernandez recorded it as the theme of the telenovela La Tempestad. Even before learning that, I immediately noticed how dramatic the song was. It all makes perfect sense now.

Alejandro is a fantastic vocalist, but he’s just musical roadkill when Christina gets to her parts. The 32-year-old singer just slays it. Even though he probably connects with the lyrics more since its his native tongue, Aguilera does a good job of pulling it off even though I’m sure she doesn’t understand a lick of it. LOL. Granted, she did release an entire Spanish album back in the day. I loved Mi Reflejo where she translated a few of her biggest hits to Spanish and sang original tunes as well. Check out Auggie’s superb new song below. Love or hate her, you can’t deny the woman has a phenomenal instrument.

Alejandro Fernandez – Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti Feat. Christina Aguilera

What do you think of the track? Do you think Christina should release another Spanish album? Sound off below.

  • DouggSeven

    So her Lotus Flower or w/e the hell that was called officially tanked, right?

  • WineandDine

    She actually has latin roots so she does understand. Don’t dismiss this queen!!!

  • Homegirl No5

    “She actually has latin roots”. Yeah, but at the time of Mi Reflejo’s release, she admitted to not knowing Spanish, and album reviews stating she pronounced various words incorrectly. As she hasn’t made Spanish music since until now, I’d presume she hasn’t been working on her Spanish.

  • Gabriel

    I love her singing in Spanish, her album Mi Reflejo was huge here in Guatemala back in the day, and later on “Pero Me Acuerdo De Ti” was probs her biggest song ever here. So I say yes to another album in Spanish 🙂

  • lexie

    Lotus was ok at best and im one of the few that really enjoyed Bionic,but she needs to take the time out to really do something that can live up to the awesomeness that was Stripped.It kills me a vocalist of her calibre is happy with mediocre album releases.

  • Jek

    I think Lotus was a missed opportunity. It feels rushed and honestly? It kinda feels immature for her age. Adele sings more grown-up songs. I feel like she is grasping at straws a little bit, she really just needs to focus on how amazing her voice is and put that to work! I’ve seen her live once and she was AMAZING, I do feel bad about how people treat her though, about her weight or how Britney will always be better (not). Hope she slays everyone with her next album.

  • Rico

    can she just go away? ugh this is a cover, and she destroyed the song. Sorry but her “instrument” seems to be yelling into the mic… Also, the worst part in this is that she doesn’t even speak spanish… get the hint XTina, lotus flopped, the voice has better ratings now that you’re gone… I think it’s time to accept no one wants you around…

  • TruJey

    They both sound great to me, if you’re familiar with the song it definitely gives it a new breath of life.
    Although and I could be wrong about this, but it sounds to me like they both recorded separately and then combined the finished product. Either way hope to see them perform this soon. Latin Grammys? 😉

  • Amazing as always, she is who she is, and she’s not making any apologies for it!! One’s again she has made my skin curled with the beautiful voice! Y claro con todo un hombraso al lodo como Alejandro Fernandez me fasina el nuevo dueto q as sacado con Christina . Nothing But good vibes to all Christina Aguilera she’s phenomenal ???

  • Isabelle

    Love it, and cant wait to see the soap the song is for starring William Levy.

  • Patrick Sean

    Hey Rico, why don’t YOU sing the song and then prove to us she sings like crap. We’ll wait, go ahead…

  • Rico

    Hey Patrick, thats a really good argument… Ive tasted my own medicine and it is bitter!

  • jr89

    Nada mal! She doesn’t speak that well but on that song you didn’t recognize it, so what’s the matter?

  • Claudia

    Lmao Rico, you’d be sad to know that the voice has officially had its lowest ratings ever, and it was from this season…whooooops! You just sound like any old hater, it’s you who should disappear the fuck away, and get a life.

  • Amelie Lilly

    Will definitely win song of the it!!

  • chaima

    I love her singing in Spanish,

  • Tom

    You realize that she was born in Ecuador, so she probably understands more than “a lick of it”. For someone who seems to love the Queen, you should do some reading up before making stupid assumptions.