Get A Master Class In Singing From Christina Aguilera


Christina Aguilera might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you can’t deny that the woman has some pipes. Though she’s never won The Voice, it’s not for lack of trying. The 34-year-old singer has consistently doled out sage advice to members of her team. Girl knows her sh*t no doubt.

If you’ve ever wanted constructive feedback from X-tina, here’s your shot. The “Dirrty” singer is teaming up with to give online singing lessons.

Naturally, one’s initial reaction is WTF is Aguilera thinking? Admittedly, I did. Upon looking into it further, it turns out the website has a slew of well-respected individuals from different areas sharing their expertise. Find out below who the other celebrity teachers are.

Need a help with that backhand? Serena Williams can help with all your tennis needs. Meanwhile, Dustin Hoffman can work with you on your acting chops. Annie Leibowitz and Usher are there as well to assist with photography and performance questions. For more, head over to

Would you ever sign up to have access to these experts? Who would you love a tutorial from? Sound off below.