First Listen: A Preview of Christina’s New Single


Man is she ever teasing us. First a countdown to her album artwork, then a countdown to the lyrics to her new single, then now a 15 second preview to the track itself. Release that Genie In A Bottle of a song already you Dirrty girl!

So it sounds hot. Again, changing her sound a bit which I like – keeps it fresh and exciting. I was reading elsewhere that some are saying the song does kinda sounds a little Britneyesque. I can see that a bit – but just because Christina’s not belting out (cause she can as we all know), doesn’t mean she’s copying Britney. She can have fast paced beats with a sexy, out of breath voice too. What, she’s not allowed to wear hoop earrings either? AND, just because she has blonde hair doesn’t mean she’s copying Gaga.

I’m totally up for the return of Christina. Bring it!

  • David


  • Dan

    I love it already!

  • Kristina Cash

    DYING! Love it!

  • Frank David

    Hot Song Cant Wait For Bionic

  • Brett


  • Kyle

    guhh… she needs to go away already