Christina Aguilera Sings “At Last” Tribute At The Funeral Of Etta James

Yesterday marked one week since the legendary Etta James passed away. Yesterday, family and friends gathered to pay tribute to her at her televised funeral. With such an incredible voice paving the way for an amazing career, Etta inspired many. Someone who was definitely inspired by her was Christian Aguilera. With such a powerful and soulful voice, you know that when she was a little girl, she was singing some Etta James in her bedroom.

On a list of songs that melt my heart, “At Last” is definitely one of them. Christina Aguilera took to the mic at the funeral to sing the infamous song, literally singing her heart out for her. Although she has a stellar voice to begin with, you could really feel the passion behind her voice as she sang the tribute to Etta, whose casket was only a matter of feet away.

Before commencing the song, Aguilera said, “She was the one that cut right through my soul. So tonight, Etta, this song is for you.” Watch the touching performance below.

  • Manuel

    Wow, she was amazing! She really is one of the best singers in the world.

  • Brian

    Pity she couldn’t afford a top to properly cover her tits for a funeral….

  • Steve

    This is where Christina belongs, not pop. She tries so hard (and fails) in the pop scene, but could really make it doing something like this full time.

  • Eddy

    I agree with Brian, I don’t understand why half of her breast is hanging out at a funeral. cover up lady !
    And this isn’t proper singing, she is just screaming her lungs out.
    at 3:17 she sounds like an angry crying baby.

  • Love Christina, love her voice, but she definitely over sang that song. She tends to do that quite often, just showcasing what she can do rather than just properly singing an amazing song. Nonetheless, RIP Etta James.

  • Nick In Vegas

    She sounds wonderful, I love her passion when she sings like this. A lot of people say she “over sings” but isn’t that her choice as an artist? I’m sure she can afford the best vocal coaches in the world and seriously doubt that she isn’t aware of how to (boring) “properly sing” .

  • Alex

    She sounds amazing there is not many young artist like her out there and she looks great as well