Christina Wants To Play A Crackhead

Oh boy! Christina Aguilera has been saying a lot of crazy things lately. Last month, she told Billboard Magazine that she thought her mediocore album, Bionic was simply, ahead of its time. That’s why it under-performed. It also could have under-performed because it honestly wasn’t her best. I hope she really tries a bit harder with Lotus to showcase the true talents I know she possesses. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves because once again, Christina is telling reporters some crazy ish.

Billboard & The Hollywood Reporter hosted the 2012 Film & TV Music Conference yesterday. There, Christina talked about some her future plans including getting back on the silver screen. “I do want to do more acting,” Xtina explained when conversation turned to her film, Burlesque. “I want to do something where I can really sink my teeth into something a little more challenging. Really outside of myself, outside of music.” So, just want does Aguilera have in mind? A crackhead of course!

“I want it to be honest and genuine in expanding my wings and doing something really, really different. A crackhead on the street or a drug addict. Or something crazy and meaty and juicy. Something that really took me out of myself. It’s hard being such a powerful woman in the business. I’m known for not always being, kind of,” she pondered before laughing. “I learned early on you can’t always be warm and fuzzy because you’ll be bulldozed right over.” What do you think Homorazzi readers? Would you be able to take Christina Aguilera seriously in that type of role? Tell us!