Video Gaming Marathon Kills 20-Year-Old Gamer

This news is so tragic. After playing Xbox for a marathon of hours, gamer Chris Staniforth from the UK died of pulmonary embolism. This is a condition that can occur after sitting in the same position for multiple hours causing one or more arteries in your lungs to become blocked. Chris was 20-years-old and had no previous medical conditions.

Xbox has released a statement saying that always have encouraged gamers to get up and exercise between sessions to stay active rather than sitting on the couch the entire time. The father of Chris Staniforth has now created a campaign to help raise awareness with other kids so these kinds of death don’t continue. He’s really hoping it will also warn parents of the potential dangers that can sometimes go unnoticed.

“Games are fun, and once you’ve started playing it’s hard to stop. Kids all over the country are playing these games for long periods — they don’t realize it could kill them.”

Chris had been playing Xbox for over 12 hours and was complaining of a low heart rate before he collapsed. This isn’t the first casualty to video gaming we’ve seen. In 2005, a Korean teenager died after playing online games for three days without taking a break. We want to remind our Homorazzi readers that as addicting as it may be to read our articles for hours on end to make sure you take a break in between for some exercise.