Insta-Stud: Chris Sontowski

“You don’t look like a Sontowski,” his Instagram bio reads. That maybe true, but I’m sure no one is complaining about his looks. Our latest Insta-Stud is cute, cute, cute!!!

From what I can tell Chris Sontowski, who lives in Sydney, Australia, is of Polish and Filipino descent. It’s definitely all about the fusion. Check out more pics of this adorable 21-year-old below.

Good morning ??

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Sort out a workout routine that works for You!!!!?? ?? For example, Recently I switched my main compound lifts from; 1?? Back Day (Deadlifts) 2?? Legs Day (Squats) 3?? Chest day (Bench) To 1?? Back day (Weighted pull ups) 2?? Legs Day (Squats + Deadlifts) 3?? Chest Day (Bench) Pros: – allows me to target my weakness (upper back) with a width building exercise while I'm fresh ?? – Let's me build a greater mind muscle connection through the workout (as deadlifts are quite leg dominant and thus can break that mind muscle connection when performed on a back day) – Cons – Squats and deads on the same day is a marathon and a half – Slightly increases risk of injury ?? remember to research improvements, evaluate pros and cons and implement changes ????

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Summer time = time to get shredded ????? – Fun fact – For the last 6?? months I haven't used any supps! – Why? Cause I didn't have any clear goals such as competing/hitting a goal weight/hitting specific strength goals. I've just been hitting the gym cause it's my lifestyle ????? – Now that I've got some goals in mind I've picked up some protein for the days (which are becoming more and more frequent ?) where I eat carb dense meals and still need to hit my protein. – My recommendations for supps; 1?? Bulking/Strength gaining: Protein and Creatine 2?? Cutting: Protein and BCAAs – – #veins #bondi #to #coogee #shredded #abs #6pack #halfie #aesthetics #training #progress #physique #bonditocoogee #adventure #travel #gains #lean #diced #shoulders #40degrees #supplements #knowledge #obliques #shredz #fitfam #fit #healthy

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