With the new season of “X Factor” just around the corner, it only makes sense that one of the finalists from last season drop a new music video. Chris Rene made it all the way to the Top 3 with his combination of rapping and singing. His original track, “Young Homie“, made mild waves during the “X Factor” season, but failed to make much of an impact when the official music video was released months later. Rene is probably hoping his second single from his forthcoming album fares much better.

Trouble” is an easy-going reggae pop track and surprisingly pretty good. Here’s a fun little fact. It was co-written by former American Idol contestant Alex Lambert– one of the most robbed singers never to make it to the Top 12. The demo was shopped around and picked up by Epic records and given to Chris Rene to record.

Shot in New Orleans, the video shows Rene trying to win the affections of his lady love. As a side note, the woman is absolutely STUNNING, gorgeous actually. Given that his label is Epic, there are a lot of gratuitous Sony product placement shots. The clip could easily pass for a commercial instead of a music video. The track has already hit the Top 10 in New Zealand. I’m not sure if it’ll do well on the Billboard Hot 100 but it could make waves on the adult contemporary and R&B charts. Check it out below.

Chris Rene “Trouble” Music Video