Chris Pratt’s Nude Scenes From Passengers Hits The Internet

While promoting Passengers, Chris Pratt revealed to USA Today that he opted not to use a modesty cock sock during filming. The 37-year-old actor found the concealing prop a nuisance, especially while filming the shower scene. The trooper that he is, he decided to throw caution and the sock to the wind and go completely nude to expedite things. Thatta boy!!!

“There was one moment where I’m in the shower. It was the last scene we shot at the very end of a long week. I just remember I had this like dance belt on which is essentially glued or taped to the front to cover up that part. And the water was rolling down and it kept coming undone. And so I was like, ‘Just stop, forget it.’ And I did the whole scene. I was actually fully naked. And I knew everyone could see it. I didn’t care, I wanted to go home.

It was like, what was I going to do, dry me off, apply another thing and take another 10 minutes to do that? Or just shoot the scene.

So, everyone saw…”

Screenshots of the steamy shower scene have finally surfaced online. And as expected and hoped, the view doesn’t disappoint. Anna Faris is one lucky lady to wake up to that juicy peach each and every day. I’d be grabbing it 24/7. Check out the images below.

  • Tamara Lisa

    I still love looking at sexy pics of Chris Pratt… but I’m still mad at him for leaving Anna Faris. Granted, he did get better looking, but looks and muscles aren’t everything!

  • Nanci Pelozie

    And he is single, now’s our chance.Perhaps he wants to try something new?

  • alan roig

    This body is a TEMPORAL effect of extreme exercise and diet imposed by the studio. Normally he was a fat seal and he has a tendency to get fat very fast. He already lost half of that sex-appeal.