Man Crush: Chris Powell

This week’s Man Crush was so hot, two of us were fighting over him. LOL. Here’s the story. Both Tyrell and I noticed Chris Powell while watching “Dancing With The Stars” at our respective condos. Powell was in attendance to promote his upcoming show on ABC, “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition“. The second I laid my eyes on him, I knew he was going to be this week’s Man Crush. Tyrell was also smitten and started a draft titled, “Meet Chris Powell”. Immediately, I texted him to let him know he beat me to the punch. We jokingly fought over him and Tyrell was gracious enough to let me have him 😉

I thought Bob Harper from “The Biggest Loser” was cute, but Chris Powell has me saying, Bob who??? As mentioned before, Chris will be one of the featured trainers on ABC’s new weight loss reality show. He’ll guide participants through their transformations by moving into their homes. By assuring that they have the proper nourishment and exercise movement, he provides a fresh perspective to individuals whose lives have become unmanageable because of their weight.

“The human body is an amazing machine that we can transform naturally,” Chris says. “I have devoted my being to developing innovative lifestyles and tools to enrich the lives of others, and each life changed has been a remarkable gift.”

Powell first gained national attention when he helped an obese David Smith lose 401 lbs in 26 months for a TLC special, “The 650-pound Virgin“. He parlayed that exposure into appearances on other national shows like “The Oprah Winfrey Show“, “20/20“, and “The View“. For those of you out there wondering what his relationship status is, unfortunately, he’s married with children. Be sure to catch all of Chris’ hotness when “Extreme Makeover: Weight Lose Edition” premieres on ABC on May 30, 2011.

ABC pimping him out to promote “Extreme Makeover: Weight Lose Edition”. With him as the face of the new reality show, I expect big ratings.

Stills from the first episode. Hotter with clothes or without?

Aloha Chris. Peek-a-boo, I see you.

He’s built like a brick house. I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll “blow” his house down.

Looking sexy poolside.

Ay caramba!!! Caliente. The smile. The chest. It’s too much for me to handle.

Why so serious? Maybe he’s practicing his Zoolander look.

Looking mischievious SLASH sexy in front of a webcam. Such pretty eyes.

  • j

    I couldn’t care what this guy looks like. I remember seeing him on various shows and he genuinely seems like a nice guy.

    I’ll give this show a chance; hopefully it’ll be good.

  • HES MARRIED! He TOTALLY looks like an uber mo.

    The show is brilliant btw

  • JRL

    ‘married’ ..but notice no mention of married to whom…didnt say ‘wife’…just married…so…him and his husband. Don’t ya love coded bios?

  • moocorners

    Of course he’s gay. he’s not a fat slob.

  • Scott

    I know he’s married, but give me 30 minutes i’ll make him gay, he’s sooooo HOT! I want to eat that body alive.

  • Chris

    Yeah, I have to agree with JRL. It says he’s married anytime his relationship status is brought up, but they never say to who. It makes me think that they don’t want the American public knowing he’s married to a man so that he’s “easier” to market. Anyone know the exact story of whether he’s gay or not?

  • Adam

    His wife just had a baby.

  • Malcolm Thorpe

    Chris is fantastic. I have a tape of him singing We are the Champions with queen.

  • Flattered 🙂

  • Josh

    There is no way he is straight. Irrespective of being married. Just saw him on the TV for the first time and thought straight away, whose the gay guy.

  • Claudia Carolina Cardoso

    oi Chris, Eu sou a Claudia tenho 20 anos e estou 25 quilos acima do meu peso.Eu sei que não parece grave, sei que tem pessoas piores que eu.Mais pra mim é difícil perder peso.
    Não tenho condições de manter uma alimentação saudável, e não tenho uma base de que exercícios devo fazer.
    Vejo seu programa todas as segundas, e vejo aquelas pessoas tendo a alegria de se sentir bem consigo mesmas, com seu corpo.
    Queria muito me sentir assim, sei que estou em outro país é muito difícil você querer me aceitar sendo que preciso perder pouco peso.Só queria pedir para você uma lista de que alimentos tenho que comer e que tipos de exercícios devo fazer.
    Espero que você leia essa mensagem e me ajude.
    Você é minha última esperança.
    Desde já muito obrigada,
    Um beijo e um grande abraço.

  • rick

    What is wrong with you people. You seem to want him to be gay but I have seen his wife.

  • Nathan Craigg

    Straight? All you have to do is listen to him talk to know he’s gay. Plus, he’s got “gay face.” He might be married, but he clearly loves the male body, especially his own.


    what the heck is “gay face”?

  • Cntryguy8

    He is married to a woman, they have at least 2 kids… It is no secret he has many picture with his wife and kids online.

  • R80

    He’s totally gay. Look at him, listen to him…I’m gay and I’ve never been wrong before when evaluating someone’s sexuality. He is 100% gay.

  • Him

    Sorry guys.. this is his wife.

    And they are very happily married. Met him in person. He is not gay, he is just kind natured.


  • carla

    dear chris would u please help me to lose this weight i am 284 and i cant lose no matter how i try. please i dont want to be ona show or anthying just to lose weight so,would you lplease help me 7313267004 thanks

  • Tim

    I am gay and I hate it when gay guys always claim someone they WANT to be gay is gay. They ALWAYS claim it is the HOT guys…never someone like Andy Rooney. (No disrespect intended to Mr. Rooney.) Leave the man alone, he is married, he has a wife and family now. So many gay guys claim to be “sick” of the non-accepting straight guys. If you want to be respected for who YOU are, then respect others. It’s embarrassing when you all go on and on about how you just “know” who is or isn’t gay. Stop it and get on with your own lives. Can’t you be happy for the straight men out there who ARE nice and seem to be genuine?

  • John

    Chris Powell is ON THE DL. Case closed. Anyone with a half ass gaydar can see that. The wife and kids can’t hide the truth. And no, I do not wish anyone to be gay. I just state the truth.

  • lolly

    Just because someone is nice and kind hearted does not mean they are gay.

  • Rich

    Chris Powell is an awesome man!! He’s a real genuine man who really cares for people. So what if is gay, people should mind there own business.

  • Jonathan

    Jesus Christ, you gays are absolutely ridiculous. You all think EVERY guy that you think is hot is gay. News flash: He’s married AND has a kid, he’s straight…get over it.

  • sharmaine

    people need to learn that it doesn’t take a certain look to b gay. plus because a person has a family that does not make them not gay. I am a 60 year old woman yes I think chris comes across as a pretty decent guy. you haven’t slept in his bed so until u do mind ur own business

  • Joshua Starr

    I wonder when he’ll ever come out of the closet. He may just stay in it, but he really prefers big strong muscular men. That little wifey and kiddies aren’t fooling me. As a matter of fact, he reminds me of a past lover of mine who got married and had kids just to cover and get respect. He then got divorced and now has a male partner.