Who’d You Rather: Pine VS Hardy

This weekend, a little romantic comedy titled This Means War hits theaters starring Reese Witherspoon. The premise of the film? For Reese’s character to decide between two men she is dating who just happen to be two of the CIA’s finest. Who play these strapping gentlemen? Chris Pine and Tom Hardy of course. So, seeing as the film is the ultimate game of Who’d You Rather, I thought I’d pose the question to you, our loyal readers.

You remember Chris Pine from his starring role in Star Trek but I remember this newbie actor when he made his debut in the awful romantic comedy Just My Luck which also starred Lindsay Lohan. Born in LA, Chris comes for a very active, show business family with both his father and mother being actors. Chris is currently working on the sequel to the JJ Abrams Star Trek hit due out next year.

Tom Hardy is fairly new to my movie actor vocabulary but has actually been around for a long time. I first caught wind of him in Inception and he later went on to impress me in Warrior as well. This English actor is gearing up to promote the latest Batman flick, The Dark Knight Rises which will blow the roof of theaters this summer and I cannot wait. Now, check out the photos and vote below.

Chris Pine

Tom Hardy

Who'd You Rather: Pine VS Hardy

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  • Zsoly

    Pine Forever!!!

  • Slade

    The photo’s you chose for both guys did not really do either of them justice!!!! This choice is probably the hardest I have yet to see from Homorazzi!! I dont think I can choose lol! JK lol its a secret!!

  • zurvivor


  • Super hard (no pun intended) choice…but one must be made….and it smells like Pine in here. 😉

  • Pine is fine but Hardy makes me hard.

  • Brendan

    Pine if he’s doing me from the front. Hardy if he’s doing me from behind. Preferably both.

  • Zandilar

    Tom Hardy has made me weak in the knees since I first saw him RocknRolla. Everything about him oozes sex, and makes me want to lick honey off every square inch of his perfect body as he tells me dirty things in that accent of his.

  • You do a disservice to your Who’d You Rather by not noting that Tom Hardy played Jean Luc Picard’s clone, Shinzon, in Star Trek: Nemesis!!!

    You don’t need This Means War to tie the two together 🙂

  • Marco

    I’ll take Pine for the face and Hardy for the body!

  • slippy

    No question Hardy in a heartbeat-cause you know he’d be hella freaky -nuff said !!!

  • SteveDenver

    Chris Pine is handsome and sexy, but Tom Hardy is SEX SEX SEX!

  • Jeffrey Dean

    Why choose when I could be in the middle of the two? Hehe

  • Tom Hardy. All day. All night.

  • sweeatheart

    OMW pine defenitly