Chris Pine is Unstoppable, ever since his breakout role in Star Trek last year. Well, these pictures may cause something to Beam Up, that’s for sure.

He’s got the movie, Unstoppable coming out in November and he’s actually here in Vancouver filming This Means War with Reese Witherspoon and Inception‘s Tom Hardy. He describes the movie, “It’s a rom-actsh-com. A romantic action comedy. Or maybe it’s com-actsh-rom? Executives probably use these terms all the time. ‘We need more com-actsh-roms!’ It sounds like a Hare Krishna temple.”

Who wants to climb his Pine tree?

“Pine is even starting to question his own analytical nature. Questioning his own questionings. What’s it all worth? ‘I’m more cerebral than I want to be,” he says. ‘Sometimes I think I need to get crazy. Go to Vegas. Do some drugs. Get some hookers. Gamble it all away. And it never happens. I usually just end up at home on my couch—reading.'”

Anyone wanna play doctor?

After a six-week run, Pine has only a few performances left in Martin McDonagh’s Tony-nominated pitch-black comedy The Lieutenant of Inishmore. And good thing: “My body’s all sorts of fucked-up,” Pine tells me backstage after the show. “I tore my groin,” he adds. “I pulled my neck and my glute, tweaked my rhomboid, sprained my fucking sacrum.”

Lucky for you, ladies, he’s on the prowl. “I’m 30 now. I might as well enjoy every second of it. If there’s some beautiful ladies up in Vancouver, hopefully I’ll know to get out of my head.” Go get ’em!