Who’d You Rather: Meloni VS Statham

Today is a Who’d Your Rather like no other. Today you get your pick of two “DILF” like men for those of you who are in to men of the, older variety. I have to give Donovan a shout out for this WYR suggestion and what a great suggestion it is. Lets get to know today’s subjects, I mean men.

Chris Meloni is known for two iconic roles. The first is his most recent depiction of Elliot Stabler on NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victim’s Unit. I worked with a straight guy at Starbucks who once said to me he had a man crush on Mr. Meloni after watching him in his other iconic role as Chris Keller on HBO’s Oz. Who wouldn’t have a crush on him after watching him be the bad boy behind bars showing off all of his best assets, back and front. Chris is 49 and married to Sherman Williams and has two children.

Jason Statham is an action star extraordinaire. Normally performing his own fight scenes and stunts, this on-screen bad boy made a name for himself in Guy Ritchie’s films like Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. In America, Jason scored the leads in three huge action films such as Death Race. But the true test was when Jason starred alongside some legendary action heroes in The Expendables. Jason is unmarried but currently linked to Victoria Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Chris Meloni

Jason Statham

Who'd You Rather: Meloni VS Statham

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  • Danny

    theyre both ugly..

  • InsideOwt

    Jason Statham, hands down. Love his accent.

  • Votta

    Tough choice.

  • Jerry

    Why do I have to choose? You’ve heard of three-ways, right?

  • J

    This one is like choosing between two awesome flavours of ice cream…

  • Joe Williams

    Both are Real Men who feel no compunction to shave their chests or otherwise prissify themselves.

    The edge goes to Statham for somewhat better chest hair, leanness and muscles.

  • Mike

    There is definitely no contest. Statham all the way.

    Meloni is super ugly.

  • Cal

    Can we find a third person to slap and play “marry, fuck, & bitch-slap”?
    I’d definitely marry Meloni. Oh can you imagine waking up staring into those eyes!!
    And trust me I’d let Jason fuck me like there’s no tomorrow!

  • Ian

    Chris Meloni, I would let him rape me!

  • nicky

    There is no comparison………jason all the way, he is perfect.

  • bret

    Meloni of course. He’s uber butch and oozes sexuality.

  • brandon

    If I had to choose I would take both

  • Ben

    Omg Chris all the way his ass *______*

  • Peter

    This is cruel: They’re both worthy of my attention.

  • Samd

    For me its no contest..Meloni all the way. His eyes are just gorgeous and I would gladly let him sit on my face with a butt like that.