Given that Coldplay and Rihanna performed “Princess of China” way back in February at the Grammys, the British band sure took their sweet ass time releasing the music video for their duet with the “We Found Love” singer. Perhaps Chris Martin and company were waiting til RiRi’s schedule freed up a bit. Girlfriend sure has been busy promoting the box office bomb, “Battleship“.

Taking inspiration from Eastern influences, directors Adria Petty and Alan Bibby have Rihanna and Martin busting out their martial arts moves. AH YA!!! The “Princess of China” video is a smörgåsbord of Asian culture. From Japanese ninjas and samurais, to Thai goddesses, any cliché reference you can think of, it’s in the clip. That said, Rihanna looks absolutely gorgeous in her outfits. During filming, the singer tweeted pictures describing her look as “gangsta goth geisha“. That description couldn’t be more accurate.

I have to admit, I’m not loving the song. I much prefer Rihanna’s collaboration with Drake on “Take Care” more. Can’t get enough of that. But I will say, the visual gives “Princess of China” new life. Even though, there is no discernible story line, it’s beautifully shot and will have you fixated. Plus, you get to see if Rihanna and Mr. Gywneth Paltrow lock lips. Watch the clip below and find out.

Coldplay featuring Rihanna “Princess of China” Music Video

Even though, I’m not a big fan of the track, the Coldplay frontman is one. The singer previously gushed, “Her bit on our record is my favorite bit.” What do you think of the video and song? Share your thoughts below.