It’s All Beers, Beaches & Blockbusters For Chris Hemsworth

Nice life right? Details magazine spends a day in the life of Chris Hemsworth for their November 2013 issue. The 30-year-old Thor actor talks about his wedding to wife Elsa Pataky, the Hemsworth family takeover of Hollywood and much more. Check out pictures snapped by Mark Seliger and a few memorable quotes below.

On Not Over Sharing With Directors

“I worked with plenty of directors who are like, ‘Yeah, but what’s in there? Tell me about that time . . .’ And I’m like, ‘Listen, there is something in there, but I ain’t gonna tell you and exploit it.’ I hold that stuff pretty close. We all like the drama of the wildest personalities, but I’m not going to invent something to wallow in just to make me sound interesting.”

On Working Hard In Hollywood

“(Jokingly) I paid my way in. My family’s in the Mafia. A couple of threats and bunch of cash goes a long way. I’ve worked my ass off over the years, but I can’t help but see that, relatively speaking, it all has been rather quick.”

On Looking Back On His Career

“There’s a brief payout, and then the bar shifts again. I think that’s human nature. It keeps you moving forward, but it needs to be tempered a bit, too. I’ve been working solidly for a couple of years now, to the point where I have to slow down and spend some time with my family. You spend so long having your hand up, saying, ‘C’mon, c’mon—pick me!,’ there’s a fear of saying no to things. It’s bred into you. I get sh*t sent to me and I think, ‘I should probably just take this.’ But now I try to say, ‘Hold on—do you even like it?’ I do have a little control now. That’s the transition—I’m not at the mercy of someone else so much.”

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