Who’d You Rather: Chris Hemsworth vs Chris Evans

This match-up came to mind after writing about GQ Australia’s Men of the Year cover featuring Hemsworth.

Believe it or not, we’ve never pitted Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans against each other. In our previous Who’d You Rather battles, we’ve faced-off Hemsworth and Evans against their respective brothers Liam and Scott. Not surprisingly, both Chrises prevailed over their sibling. Since both starred in the blockbuster The Avengers this summer, I thought I’d ask our readers which Chris turned their crank more. It’s definitely Sophie’s Choice isn’t it?

Hemsworth’s big break in his native Australia was landing a role on the popular soap, Home and Away. The 29-year-old then headed stateside and popped up as Captain Kirk’s father in Star Trek. Soon, roles in other blockbuster films followed including Thor, The Avengers and Snow White & The Huntsman. As excited as I am for him to appear in Thor 2, I’m really looking forward to seeing him in the much-delayed remake of Red Dawn, finally hitting theaters later this month. Hemsworth is married to Spanish actress Elsa Pataky with whom he has a daughter with.

Admittedly, I’ve had a HUGE crush on Chris Evans for years. Ever since he appeared in a whipped cream bikini in Not Another Teen Movie, I was sold on the 31-year-old actor. He followed that up with a couple of underrated films- The Perfect Score and Cellular. Evans’ first foray to superhero flicks had him playing the Human Torch in Fantastic Four. Like Hemsworth, this Massachusetts-native is filming a sequel to his blockbuster Marvel Comics film, Captain America: The First Avenger. Over the years, Evans has dated a string of Hollywood actresses including Kate Bosworth, Jessica Biel, Amy Smart and Christina Ricci. His latest flame is the gorgeous Minka Kelly. Given that his brother Scott is gay, Chris is an avid supporter of LGBT rights.

Now that you have a brief background on both actors, proceed ahead and check out evidence of their hotness below. After investigating (drooling over) the photos, be sure to cast your verdict in the poll below. Let the BEST Chris win.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Evans

Who'd You Rather: Chris Hemsworth vs Chris Evans?

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  • Steve-O

    Both are hotties, but got to love Evans cheeky humour.

  • Nathaniel Keifer-Wheals

    Both are SMOKING HOT, but it was an easy choice. Chris Evans is my all-time biggest celebrity crush.

  • Donny

    BOTH! But if I had to choose, Chris Evans.

  • abc

    How can you ever compare these two and choose a single one?!……………How can you???!!!!!!!!………………….

  • daws

    Evans is gorgeous but Hemsworth gets Aussie bonus points 🙂

  • Alex

    Even though he smokes cancer sticks I have to give it to Evans, my decision is based purely on his incredibly sexy hairy chest.

  • Miguel

    VERY tough decision, but Chris Evans just oozes sexiness in my book.

  • Kobus

    I have to agree with abc – putting these two up to each other is insane. I’ll take both 😉

  • gary

    me confused… Chris Hemsworth is so much hotter. I’ve never found that other guy sexy at all. Clearly me in minority…