Summer is just around the corner, and with warm weather and BBQ’s also comes the return of Summer Reality TV. Monday nights are now OWNED by the ABC dating show The Bachelorette. Ali Fedotowsky, this year’s new “single lady looking for love” is in the midst of dwindling down 24 men to just one.

I actually prefer the Bachelorette to The Bachelor for one reason. I always picture myself in the chick’s heals, having 24 men (48 eyeballs) on me. They’re single and successful and they want ME to love THEM. They are willing to pull out all the stops (and chairs at fine dining restaurants). It is them leading the conversations, trying to make me laugh. I just get to be pretty and sit there- starfish style. Lazy? Yes. 100%. While I know it’s far fetched, a boy can dream from time to time, can’t he? LOL.

Anyway, Ali must have been distracted…or possibly a bit dumb on Monday night because I feel as though she may have dropped the ball this sandwich.While my boyfriend Kodie is in love with Jesse, and we both agree that douchey “Dean McDermott” look-alike Craig M. deserved the boot, I was sad to see Vancouver’s Chris Hasek -Watt go home.Mind you, he made a splash in the opening episode- the first to arrive via limo, with a sweet smile and charming demeanor. I liked his style and charisma. Plus, who doesn’t want to root for the local/hometown contestant?

So why didn’t he make it further? What did he really think of Ali? And was all that drama between “Weatherman” Jonathan and Craig M TV drama or actually real? I had a chance to meet up with Chris to get down to the bottom of things when I invited him onto my radio show on The Beat 94.5. Enjoy!