Chris Daughtry Shows Off His Sexy Post-Gym Body On Twitter

Every now and again, celebrities will tweet photos of themselves shirtless showing off their new tattoos or post-workout bodies. Sometimes, these photos leak online and show more than the star bargained for. This time around, the photo was intentional and belongs to someone who I never even expected to have a killer body hiding underneath his rockstar t-shirts. I am talking about none other than Chris Daughtry.

WOOF! Chris posted on Twitter, “Just left the gym! After 5 yrs of neglect, I’m PUMPED to see AB’s again! Hard work and commitment is paying off!” He continued to tweet to fans and followers about his new meal plans and fitness routines. One fan stated he should be featured on the next Men’s Fitness cover. I think that would be a great idea. Check out Daughtry’s sexy body below.

  • Slade

    Damn he is really sexy!!