Chris Daughtry Covers Lady Gaga


I love, love, love it when a current song is covered by another artist and they put their own spin on it like Mandy Moore covering of Rihanna’s Umbrella or Brooke White doing her rendition of Kings of Leon’s Use Somebody. The latest cover I’m obsessed with is Chris Daughtry doing an acoustic version of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face. This live performance was captured during a recent interview Daughtry was doing for a German radio station. Chris’ voice is so powerful and he gives Poker Face a totally different dimension. Silly Question. Explain to me again why he didn’t win American Idol that year and lost out to Taylor Hicks. Who says American Idol is fixed? The YouTube video has been online for a couple of weeks not but thought it still deserved a worthy mention. Hope you enjoy it.

  • dan

    This is amazing. I’ve now listened to is four times in a row. Damn I love Daughtry!