I’m going to go a little more cerebral for this week’s man crush. ABC News Chris Cuomo has become part of my weekend ritual. My latest new obsession is to watch Friday night’s taped 20/20 on Saturday morning in bed. What better way to wake up then to catch up on current events and drool over some hot man candy at the same time. I’m such a multi-tasker. Jealous???

The 40-year-old Cuomo joined ABC News in 1999 and has held several positions within the network. Last year, the journalist was promoted to anchor the prestigious 20/20 desk. During his illustrious career, he’s won awards for his hour-long documentaries on pressing social issues, teen drug use, gang violence and other hot topics.

Chris Cuomo is a licensed attorney. He received his undergraduate degree from Yale and his Juris Doctor from Fordham University. Cuomo has some pretty high-profile familial connections. His father is the former New York Governor, Mario Cuomo, younger brother of New York State Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo, and designer Kenneth Cole’s brother-in-law.

With his rugged good looks, it’s no surprise he was named one of People’s 50 Most Beautiful People in 1997.

Is it me, or does he look even hotter on assignment in Pakistan. I’d be his prisoner of war anytime.

My oh, my Chris Cuomo. That’s a mighty big BASS you have.

Woof. Now that’s what I call a good catch. It’s a shame those stuffy suits hide his buff body from television viewers. I’m sure if he delivered the news shirtless, 20/20’s ratings would soar.

Unfortunately for us, Chris has been married to his beautiful wife, Cristina Greeven, since 2001. The two have three children. Total DILF.

I know he’s not the usual 20-something six-packed man crush I normally swoon over, but Chris Cuomo is just as tasty. Don’t you think? Post your comments and any suggestions for future man crushes below.