Chris Brown: The Video

On Wednesday Chris Brown released a “video” on YouTube addressing his fans, his enemies, and pretty much anyone who cares enough to listen to him rant about his life after he tossed a few blows to Rihanna’s head.

In the link below, he’s quoted saying some pretty brilliant things:

“New album will be coming soon…we’re working on it now…called Graffiti…I’m about to drop a single this summer for ya’ll…everybody that’s haters…they just be haters…all my real fans, I love you all…I ain’t a monster.”

In the background of the video you can hear Bow Wow in full support of Brown, with an equally brilliant line at the end of the clip, “Believe that.”

With all of this brilliance going on, what could possibly be the perfect setting for such a speech? A bowling alley you say? Dang – cause that’s just where this was filmed!

In even more recent news on this story, it has been reported that Rihanna has been ordered to appear at Chris Brown’s preliminary hearing on June 22nd, according to (oh that’s right, he writes some good stuff! – all facts too). If Rihanna takes the witness stand to provide testimony, it will be her first public statement regarding the incident since it was reported back in February.

With all of the hype around this story over the last few months I would have to say that Rihanna has the significant edge. Let’s face it, she’s on Maxim’s top 100 list this year and all Brown’s got going for him is a single lane bowling alley and Bow Wow barking in the background.

  • Timothy

    A woman beater and closet homo together at last!