Typically, Drew Droege makes us wait months in between his hilarious Chloe Sevigny spoofs. So, you can only imagine my surprise (and delight) when a brand new video premiered just days after “Thirty” for OutFest’s 30th anniversary hit online. Christmas has come early for me.

In the past, Chloe has talked about her fondness of accessories, Memorial Day, and barbeque. Now, she’s sharing some of her workout tips in “Exercise“. Just wait til you hear her mispronunciations in this clip, especially the word “exercise”. She definitely doesn’t disappoint. Watch the video to see how the Chinese, Garnier Fructis, garden sweeping and shopping at Harrods all factor in her exercise regiment. It’s time to get physical and watch the clip below.

Chloe “Exercise”

How funny was that? Chloe talking about jerking the 37 inch zipper on her Alexander McQueen boots cracked me up. Was your favorite part? Sound off below.