Chloe Sevigny Fights Illiteracy With New ‘Reading’ Video

I had no idea how much I missed Drew Droege’s Chloe impersonations until I new one appeared earlier this week. His videos should really become a monthly thing. The actor’s random pop culture references and how he strings them together always crack me up. But as any fan knows, it’s all about Droege’s mispronunciations and dramatic pauses that take the proverbial cake. This time he takes “reading” and transforms it to “ray-a-ding“.

For his latest Chloe Sevigny spoof, he reveals he’s a huge bookworm to his burnt bone massage buddy, Kimbra of Gotye fame. Whether it’s dance pamphlets, vineyard maps or the literary masterpiece, Vanna Speaks, he always makes time for “ray-a-ding”. Other LOL moments in the video include a book club with Anna Wintour and LeVar Burton, and the magic that is turned ketchup and marinated feet courtesy of Paula Deen.

Chloe ‘Reading’ Video

Which reference was your favorite? Bhagavad Gita, perhaps? What other celebrity spoofs do you recommend? I’m always up for a good laugh? Sound off below.

  • JMC

    Not only is Drew brilliant he’s also incredibly friendly. He deserves his own show.