Karlie Kloss Stars In CHIC’s Killer New Disco Track Featuring Nile Rodgers


When disco is mentioned, one can’t help but think of the iconic band, CHIC. They churned out some of the greatest hits from the genre including “Le Freak” and “Good Times.”

Nile Rodgers is the only surviving member of the band. He resurrected the group with a new lineup. The latest incarnation of the legendary disco-funk group just dropped a killer new track titled “I’ll Be There” that will no doubt become a club hit.

Supermodel Karlie Kloss stars in the sexy visual. She connects the past and the present, as explained by Rodgers. She visualizes the past looking at old school vinyl – then gets dressed and goes out to a current party to meet up with Stephen Galloway and the current ?CHIC? lineup happens to be play. The clip directed by Inez and Vinoodh also features vintage footage of the original CHIC members.

The video is being released today because it’s the vernal equinox. What’s that you ask? It’s when day and night are the same length—and because there’s a solar eclipse in parts of the Northern Hemisphere. I’m already obsessed with the single and the video. Check it out below.

Chic featuring Nile Rogers ‘I’ll Be There’ Music Video

  • belladonnamadon

    I didn’t get to see much of it last night & what I did see made me think Drake wasn’t that good but after watching all the videos on here ( thanks for having all the videos up) I really got 2see how good Drake really was lol he had some awkward moments but he got the hang of it & by the end I died laughing. They should make him a regular & I’m not Joking Lol he adds something special to the show. THE DISAPPOINTMENT OF THE NIGHT WAS – (SASHEER ZAMATA) as a person of color I really wanted her to be funny but she just wasn’t, It was like she was the guest Pop Star & Drake was the new comedian. Lol

  • belladonnamadon

    Tell me this isn’t funny.lol Drake should be a SNL regular.lol

  • This was the blackisode… they’re trying WAY too hard to compensate for the media’s tear apart of their admidtely ridiculous lack of diversity.

  • belladonnamadon

    @adam I do agree this was heavenly Urban but with all the white people in this episode, I just made it looked like everyday life. A world with black & white coulters & how we react to each other.