Chet Haze aka Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson’s song is back with a brand new vid ya’ll. I’m sure you’ve all been waiting with bated breath for it. I wonder if his mom inspired “Finest Girl.” Something about him just screams mommy’s boy 😉

The 22-year-old celeb offspring brings his frat bro rapping skills this time to a dance beat. What happened to the hardcore urban swagger? Has he sold out already? LOL. The music video isn’t my cup of tea, but I know a few of you became fans when Chet posed shirtless. I will say though, that entitled rich kid gone bad boy bravado is kind of a turn-on.

“This video shows that Chet is truly a dynamic young artist. Taking ‘Pop’ to new levels of excitement, ‘Finest Girl’ is sure to resonate with people who appreciate great music!” – Chet’s Manager, Briggs Goldberg, Kinetik Entertainment

I wouldn’t say “new levels of excitement” but I would say a different level. PS: How catchy is his manager’s name.. Briggs Goldberg. Love it. Check out the music video below. Be forewarned, you might find yourself asking whether to cover your eyes or laugh hysterically. I suggest both 😉

Chet Haze ‘Finest Girl’ Music Video

Chet Haze ‘Do It Better’ Music Video

I wonder if he’s graduated from Northwestern University yet. What do you think of Chet’s natural talent? Or do you prefer him silent with his shirt off? Perhaps he should focus on his academics? Sound off below.