Yesterday on SoundCloud, a new track from her upcoming album, A Million Lights surfaced under her account. The track is called “Love Killer” and it’s pretty. Anything from Cheryl at this point will please my ears compared to the lackluster B-Sides that were debuted this past weekend. Not to be confused with Joe Jonas’ track “Love Slayer,” Cheryl’s “Love Killer” is a song about an affection that seems to wear her down. She sings out during the synth heavy, pseudo dub-step track:

Why do I love you so much, when you’re a love killer?
Why do I give you my love, when you’re a love killer?
Baby, baby you’re like the worst drug, but you’re a buzz killer.
You’re a love a killer. I’m in love, with the love killer.

Give “Love Killer” a listen and tell us what you think in the comments below.

Cheryl Cole, “Love Killer”