She may be back but sans the bang. So today Cheryl Cole, former member of the famed UK group Girls Aloud, launched her new single off her forthcoming album “A Million Lights” available June 18th. I can’t say that I was immediately drawn to the song when I heard it. I mean it has a good beat to it and it’s going to be played over and over again in the gaybourhood clubs for sure, but it lacks for me. The main chorus is great and I love it but the other parts are womp womp for me.

The track was produced by Calvin Harris and I love a lot of the work he does but I was kind of hoping for more. Is it just me? I thought that if you’re the sweetheart of the UK you’re title track would have had more passion and power behind it. It just sounds like what everyone else is doing at the moment and not pushing the envelope. It’s the same reason I was underwhelmed with MDNA. I will most likely end up listening to it a good few times but in the end the track is pretty forgettable. Lets hope that the rest of the album is stellar and that this was just a bad pick for a first track. I really like Cheryl and I think she has more in her to give.

I personally think the best way to pick up here career again would be to join The X-Factor USA. The US would get to know her better, she could use the platform and she’d be much better than Nicole was (I like her but she did NOT win me over with her poor choices and less than ideal personality traits). So that’s my two cents, what do you all feel? Like it, love it, hate it? Sound off below!