Cherry Cherry Boom Boom aka, the mastermind producer Martin Kierszenbaum is taking a step away from other artists for a minute to release a brand spankin’ new track of his own. Titled “Come Back From San Francisco” and Homorazzi has an exclusive first listen of the remix by Hype Jones. Set for July 10, the release will feature other re-imaginations by Sven Kirchhof, Alvaro and Michael Woods.

“The piano has always been my friend,” says Martin. “When I’m happy, I tell my friend. When I’m bummed out, my friend makes me feel better.” Martin Kierszenbaum spends most of his life in and around music. He is the man behind Cherrytree Records (one of my favorite record labels), which is no surprise to many who know him. Martin has been making music since he was a kid.

One Friday night, Martin decided to track and record one of his favorite songs by Magnetic Fields, titled “Come Back To San Francisco.” After ArjanWrites heard the track and posted it online, it started getting positive feedback. Radio DJ Larry Flick kept getting requests for it and had to add it to his on-air playlist. Now, under Cherry Cherry Boom Boom, Martin has decided to release the track as an official single. Check out the Hype Jones remix of his latest track below.