Watch Cher’s Comeback Performance

It’s not just any woman’s world, but Cher’s to be exact. The 67-year-old appeared on the season finale of The Voice to perform her new single “Woman’s World.” It marked the first time since 2003 since the iconic singer sang “live” on television.

In her signature unique sense of style, Cher showed up with a mullet faux-hawk Tina Turner-looking wig (circa Private Dancer era) on her head. It was a tad mesmerizing even if it was a fashion no-no. Here’s what she told US Weekly about her hairstyle.

“It just is what it is, I don’t know! I’m at kind of a Luxe Punk thing right now . . . hair and makeup and clothes are expressions of who you are and it’s fun to do. And it doesn’t mean anything really, it’s pretty superficial but it’s fun, you know?” – Cher

Woman’s World” is off her upcoming album, which is set to be released later this year. Her last full-length studio album, Living Proof, was released back in 2001. Check out her comeback performance below.

Cher “Woman’s World’ The Voice Performance

What do you think of the track and Cher’s return to music? Long overdue or unnecessary? Do you think the rightful singer won The Voice Season 4? Personally, I was rooting for Michelle Chamuel, but Danielle Bradbury is a much better choice than the Swon Brothers. Sound off below.

  • Nick

    it’s like cher’s version of songs of today pretty good and she can sing it live unlike most of ‘pop’ singers

  • lexie

    Shes not my cup of tea musically ,but hats off to a true superstar in every sense of the word!

  • Kristopher

    if it’s Cher’s version of songs today then todays music must really really suck lol
    that was quite embarrassing

  • JMC

    The song itself is really dated and the performance laughable. Rehearse! How can you not know your own cues, it’s your song, you should know the lyrics.

  • Ryan

    Even if her best moments are behind her, she still deserves whatever stage she wants whenever she damn well pleases.

  • doug

    @Nick She is not singing lol

  • uninspired

    MUCH better actress than singer….

  • sollai

    what the heck is she wearing?

  • Danny

    I’m a big Cher fan and I’m sorry to say that this is a big mess, in so many levels. What kind of gay guy is behind her this time? If any at all. She needs to scrap the song, come out a ballad or something new (not a dance song), get a stylist and start practicing like Madonna. I get that she’s sixty-seven years old, but if she pretends to stay in the game, she has to play it the right way.