Cher Debuts Her New Empowering ‘Woman’s World’ Dance Single

As a Thanksgiving Day present to fans, Cher decided to share her brand new single, “Woman’s World” with fans today. The empowering dance track is our first helping of what will be her first new album since 2001.

Cher explained via Twitter some of the thought process behind the single: “when I started singing it I thought about strong Famous Women….Then I Thought ‘fk That’ ‘THIS IS A WOMAN’S WORLD’ We’re All Strong ! MEN 2 !” Cher says it’s an anthem for everyone. Personally, I love it – it has a bit of a ’90s vibe too it, but it’s so Cher and that makes it amazing. Leading into the chorus, Cher sings, “Torn up, busted, taken apart / I’ve been broken down / Left with a broken heart / But I’m stronger / Strong enough to rise above / This is a woman’s world / This is a woman’s world.” Cue the remixes for the gays in 3…2…

The song will be available on iTunes on November 26. Her untitled twenty-sixth studio album will drop sometime next year. Get your first listen to Cher’s new single below!

Cher – ‘Woman’s World’

  • justin


  • Oliver

    Oh man, we’ve been waiting more than 10 years and then she presents such a lousy song? It sounds like a cheap Guetta-Taio-Cruz knock off. Terrible!

  • PaulD

    And the second a guy puts out a song declaring it’s a man’s world, he’d be declared a sexist. Vocally/stylistically it reminds me of a Real Housewife song even with certain aspects I like. I can’t really belt out “this is a woman’s world”. Gay/straight/bi, I’m still a man. I guess I’m just tired of ‘women’s health’ dominating news/politics, breast cancer getting all the money/attention, women’s heart disease awareness, when it’s the number one killer of us BOTH—why are we shit on? (No, I’m not some drama queen off the rails from one silly song–it’s just the straw that broke this camel’s back). After needing assistance from the govt and getting nothing, while a woman can get all kinds of aid (WIC is everyone BUT men–women, infants, children) and so on, I’m ready for an anthem with some testosterone pushback.

  • Kristopher

    yikes, i feel embarrassed for her.
    sounds like something one of the Real Housewives would put out

  • Ryan

    Embarrassed for Cher? Sure Kristopher, her legacy doesn’t eclipse your life at all.

    It is a simple track and I generally don’t like such repetition, but I absolutely love it. This needs to hit clubs NOW. <3

  • Chaz

    There’s no melody in this song. Just a cheerleader chant like everything else on american radio and even gay clubs now. I like Euro/scandipop which can get cheesy but at least they make an attempt at something hummable.