Cher Lloyd Shows Off Her Posse Of Girls In ‘Oath’ Music Video

It’s hard to believe that at 19-years-old, Cher Lloyd is not only taking over the UK, but the United States as well. On Tuesday, her debut album Sticks & Stones hit shelves in the US and made a massive debut at #4. Her latest single and music video for Oath is pop radio gold and promises to be a successful follow-up to her infectious and grunt-y single, Want U Back. I think 2013 is going to be a big year for Cher.

In the video directed by Hannah Lux Davis in Los Angeles, Cher rallies up her posse of girls from school and hops in a convertible to hang out in where else, the laundromat to play a little Just Dance 4 on the Wii. After a dramatic strut out of there, the girls end up at the beach to frolic in the sand and surf during the evening’s sunset. The video also features recent Dr. Luke signee Becky G who raps a verse and sings a little pre-chorus in the single. She’s feisty, just like Cher Lloyd and I love her already.

Last month, Cher also released her first, signature perfume in the UK under the name Pink Diamond. Sold at The Fragrance Store, the scent exceeded sales expectations and was created “as an iconic symbol for all of us to remember that no matter what others may say, we are all special.” I wonder what it smells like?

Cher Lloyd feat. Becky G., “Oath”

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