Cher Lloyd & Mike Posner Debut “With Ur Love” Music Video

She may not have won X Factor, but Cher Lloyd definitely has that it-factor that makes you a star. I first heard Cher when fellow writer Nic introduced her in one of his “Songs I Can’t Stop Listening To…” posts with the track, “Swagger Jagger.” Since then, I have been hooked on the track. Now, she’s back with another jam that is sure to find a solid place on your iPod playlist.

Featuring the sexy Mike Posner, the two team up for the video and single, “With Ur Love.” The song sticks true to Cher’s vocal pop swag with a striking chorus and the video does not disappoint. As big, colorful balloon-like bubbles float through the streets, Cher and her two gal pals follow suit. Mike shows up for the bridge just before a parade breaks out. Great song and super fun video. Check it out below.


  • I love Mike Posner, but his verse in this song was really lame. He’s so delicious. 😉

  • Haji

    YUMMY is indeed true …Mike Posner is the sexxiest man alive!!! 🙂

  • JT

    Can’t stand her.

  • lentilky

    I ADORE this girl! her audition to the last year’s X Fctr was purely a breeze of fresh air and she did some brillant work later on the show.

  • Slade

    I amm glad other people agree with me about How sexy He IS OMG!!!