Cher Debuts Two Album Covers For Closer To The Truth

Let me preface this by saying that I adore Cher. “Woman’s World” is my guilty pleasure track of the moment. It’s so campy and vintage Cher, I can’t stand it. There’s also no denying she looks absolutely gorgeous and stunning on both covers of her upcoming 26th studio album hitting streets on September 30. Can you believe she’s released 25 under her belt? Insanity.

With all that being said, is she trying to have a little fun with us. Given all the obvious Photoshop magic used on her artwork, it’s a tad ironic that her album is titled Closer To The Truth. Let’s be honest, the 67-year-old is ageless but this isn’t exactly how she looks 😉 Check out the other version below.

  • Albert

    It’s strange how she looks like Chad Michaels in Cher drag 🙂

  • Kristopher

    lol where to begin with this train wreck…