The Vets Steal The Show During The 2017 Billboard Music Awards

Since it’s a long weekend in my neck of the woods, I hosted a little gathering on my rooftop patio last night. Ergo the late posts today. That also means I didn’t get around to watching the 2017 Billboard Music Awards until Monday. While the event featured some of the hottest young acts around, it was the veterans, IMHO, that stole the show. Although I will say Miley Cyrus did a solid job with “Malibu.”

Celine Dion belted “My Heart Will Go On” to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Titanic. Dressed in exaggerated billowy sleeves, which BTW were kinda epic, the 49-year-old Canadian diva sang circles around the rest of the performers.

Cher also proved things get better with age. The 71-year-old legend was on hand to receive the Billboard Icon Award. She also performed “Believe” and “If I Could Turn Back Time” much to the delight of the audience and Dion. The French chanteuse was backstage living for Cher’s performance. God I love this woman.

Check out both performances below, along with Dion singing along to Cher’s medley. Speaking of Cher, she really did turn back time. She looks practically the same as she did when those songs were first released. Bitch, spill your secrets 😉

Celine Dion 2017 Billboard Music Awards

Cher 2017 Billboard Music Awards Medley

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    Cher and her 5 minute planks. Damn!

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