Cher Plays Truth Or Share With Andy Cohen & Other Highlights

Cher being interviewed by Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. Kill me now. It’s like two of my favorite gay things all wrapped into one rainbow package. What I would’ve given to be in the studio. One person lucky enough to crash the party was Anderson Cooper. The CNN reporter rushed over once his show was done to tell Cher he thought she was his sister growing up. LOL. Check out that declaration at 2:20 mark in the first video below.

Other highlights from Cher’s sit down include confirmation that Tom Cruise was one of her Top 5 lovers of all-time, her beef with Nicki Minaj, reenacting Moonstruck with Cohen and anecdotes from filming Mermaids with Christina Ricci. Speaking of Christinas, Cher briefly talks about filming Burlesque with X-Tina which illicits a gay gasp from the audience. Maybe I was there after all 😉 Check out the incomparable Cher below.

Cher: Watch What Happens Live After Show

Cher: Watch What Happens Live Season 10: Truth or Cher!

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