Chelsea Handler Breaks Down On The Rosie Show

One of my new favorite talk shows is The Rosie Show on OWN. When she first debuted her show, I wasn’t a fan of the format. Now, with her celebrity one-on-ones, I love it. She’s had some incredible discussions with people like Kathy Griffin, Dr. Oz, Joe Rogan, and last night, Chelsea Handler. Most of us know Handler as the hilarious, no-holds-barred comedian with a tough exterior, but she showed another side to her on The Rosie Show. She simply couldn’t hold back the tears when she talked about death of her mother and the death of her brother.

“I think that’s probably when I became an adult,” Chelsea said talking about the final days with her mother in the hospital. “More so than her dying, or my brother dying, it was that realization that I’m an adult … that was the most intense moment I’ve probably had in my life.”

Handler continued, “I don’t think I’ve ever cried on television before,” she laughs. “I feel like my mom’s around me all the time. I think she probably thinks I need more guidance [than my siblings]. I live such a fast life. I’m young, I like to have fun and I think my mom was always like, ‘Oh gosh, your type of spirit can go down a good road or go down a bad road’ – I think she’s trying to keep me on the straight and narrow.” Watch some of the touching clips from the show below.

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