CheapUndies Presents ‘How Bow Dah’ Dance Tribute

Have no idea what “How Bow Dah” exactly is and why it deserves a tribute? It’s the latest Internet craze courtesy of troubled teen, Danielle Bregoli. While on the Dr. Phil Show, she memorably challenged the audience to a fight by uttering, “Cash Me Ousside/How Bow Dah.” And they say education is in a state of emergency 😉

The folks over at CheapUndies decided to pay tribute to this latest viral sensation with a sexy dance routine performed by David Ratcliffe, GianCarlo Annitto, and Marvin Brown.

After a few seconds of watching the clip, you’ll be mesmerized by what the dancers are shaking. Those CheapUndies Cotton Stretch Long-Johns really do a bulge good. They’re like a wonder bra for your crotch.

Check out the sexy video below directed by Brad Hammer.

“How Bow Dah” Dance Video Tribute (Cash Me Outside)

Catch Me Outside How Bout That – (Cash Me Outside How Bow Dah) – Full Version