“Charlie’s Angels” To Cast A New Charlie

Good morning angels… It’s a voice we have all known since it’s iconic debut in the 1970’s from John Forsythe. John even voiced the Charlie’s Angels films in the early millennium. With the reboot of the classic hit coming back to TV on ABC, it was a wonder who would replace the iconic voice after Forsyhte’s passing. It was decided that Robert Wagner would take his place and voice Charlie in the pilot episode.

However, it’s looking ABC is going to have to go on the search again for the legendary voice. After too many scheduling conflicts, Robert has had to decline the role. So who will take his place? There have been a few rumors circulating the web including Val Kilmer, William Shatner, Ricky Gervais and James Earl Jones. I vote William Shatner. His voice is so memorable and the closest to the original done by John Forsythe.

Charlie’s Angels isn’t the only ABC show getting some casting updates. Pan Am just recently announced that they would be recasting Jonah Lotan’s character of Dean with Cloverfield actor Mike Vogel. I wonder if there will be any more cast shake ups to come?

  • chpinnlr

    Shatner would be great for the role!