Man Crush: Charlie Williams

After weeks of selecting fitness models, movie stars, and even an animal trainer as recent weekly crushes. I thought this week, I’d take it a bit high brow and pick someone from Broadway. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of shirtless sexy pics to satisfy your animal urges.

Charlie Williams is a 22-year-old Southern boy who loves musical theater. With his awww shucks smile, sexy bod, and love for dance, this boy is a triple threat in my books. He was born in Texas but honed his love of the arts in North Carolina where he grew up. After high school graduation, he picked up his things and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Upon arriving in LA, he received a scholarship to attend the EDGE dance studio in Hollywood. During his time on the west coast he scored a few gigs, most notably a part in a Wayans movie and commercial work.

While visiting New York in 2008, he was cast in a little known musical called “Memphis“. Two years later, that role would lead to his Broadway debut at the Shubert Theatre and prove to be his big break. Since then he’s garnered major attention in the Big Apple and even earned the title of Broadway Hottie of the month and won the Broadway Beauty Pageant crown. A few months ago, he dropped trou for the Broadway Bares benefit for The Ali Forney Center. What I would’ve given to get front row tickets to that. Commit this stud’s name to memory. I have no doubt, he’ll become a household name (at least in gay homes) in the near future.

Drool. I lost count at eight abs. Apparently he has to work hard at his physique and goes to the gym 6-7 days a week. Keep up the good work.

How adorable is he in this pic trying to look all gangsta? I read somewhere he loves hip-hop dancing. Someone should cast him in Step Up 4.

According to his online resume, his special skills include rollerblading, unicycle, clarinet, juggling, lifeguard, sports, weight lifting, bartending, cooking, tap, and jump rope. Judging from the pic, you can add jumping to that list.

Damn, I hope he has a license to carry those guns. Thankfully he’s not concealing these weapons.

One minute he’s preppy Hampton chic. The next, he’s….

a bad boy with a cheesy Playboy belt buckle. I can’t decide if I like him more with or without facial hair.

Vroom. I’d spin cycle with him any day of the week. Out damn spot, out damn spot.

A moment on the hips, I lifetime on the hips. Apparently not in his case. Life’s not fair.

An earlier pic of Charlie, but just as adorable.

This was the closest I could find with him sporting chest hair. I love me a cute bear cub.

He’d make a great Robin in a gay version of The Caped Crusader.

Charlie should just surrender to me and throw down that white flag. If was sitting front row at this performance, I probably would’ve thrown some Benjamins his way along with my hotel room. Wink.

Even when you take away his distractingly hot body, his boy next door looks, make you want to move to his neighborhood.

So the million dollar question… what team does he play for? According to a interview I read, he classifies himself as bisexual, but more importantly… SINGLE. To learn more about Charlie Williams, head over to his website at or follow him on Twitter @iamcwilliams

What did you think of this week’s crush? Sizzle or fizzle?


    How can ANYONE be this attractive. Not fair.

  • Calan

    He can do my laundry ANY time

  • BrianM

    He is so freaking HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OMG he is stunning should b illegal to look so good.

  • Gerald Cruz

    He looks very young but his body is built like a man. Rawr!

  • RobH

    He’s totally gorgeous and so young looking, too. YUM!

  • Robbo

    Forget the laundry, he can do me anytime!
    Wonder if he’d like a trip to Australia so I could show him round…….among other things?